UK Skilled Worker Visa

This category is for foreigners who have been offered a skilled job UK to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker in the UK. South Africans must have to a job offer from a UK company that is a licensed sponsor company, registered with the UK Border Agency, which allows them to sponsor non-Europeans nationals like South Africans. This licensed sponsor company will then assign you with a certificate of sponsorship and only once you have this are you able to apply for the visa.

The Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), contrary to its name, is not a paper document but rather a virtual document which carries a specific reference number. This reference number is specific to you and the job that you have been offered so can only be used once.

Please be aware: Not just any UK company can offer you employment therefore first check with Visa Box as there are lots of fake offers of employment (scams).

How to spot a scam:

  • You have been offered a job without a face to face or telephonic interview
  • the remuneration offered doesn't match the type of job you will be doing
  • the offer of employment doesn't specify your name and the signature on the document often doesn't match the name of the signatory
  • often these offers of employment will have a stamp on them which is clearly not real
  • offers often come from big firms like Chevron, Sony etc
  • they may request that you pay money to further the process. You should never have to pay to get a job
  • The job offer is to fill a position that you have no prior experience in.



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