Children, spouses and life partners of EU Passport holders are allowed to apply for the EEA (European Economic Area) Family Permit in order to join their family member/s in the UK. This EEA Family Permit is used for immigration as well as tourism purposes.

The EEA Family permits are valid for 6 months and you can leave and enter the UK as many times as you need within that time. After your family permit expires, if you want to continue to live in the UK you need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before this permit expires. The EU passport holder however would need to apply for Pre-Settled status in the UK prior to 31 December 2020 if they haven't already been settled in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years.

The EEA Family Permit can be applied for outside of the UK whether the EU passport holder is already in the UK or will be travelling with the applicant. Again, it is important that the applicant provide evidence that they have accommodation and financial support in the UK before they apply for the permit.


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