Zambia launches e-visa application facility

The Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs has launched an electronic visa application facility in October 2015. This two-step visa application will take between three and five working days to process and applicants can check the status of their application online. A single-entry visa will cost US$50, a double/multiple-entry visa will cost US$80, a transit visa will cost US$50 and a day-trip visa will cost US$20. Valid South African passport holders DO NOT require a visa to visit Zambia for stays o... Read More

Want to work in the UK?

It’s a common misconception that one can travel to the UK to live and work if they have a secure offer of employment from a UK employer. This is not the case. Current UK immigration law states very strict guidelines and qualifying factors for applicants wishing to come to the UK to work.If you are looking for work in the UK from South Africa, you will likely be turned away from UK recruitment agents as they usually require the applicant to already be in the UK or have an immediate route in. H... Read More

Cost of the UK visitor visa has gone up … again!

Due to poor exchange rate the cost of a regular UK visitor visa (GBP85 equivalent) has now gone from R1785 up to R1913 p/p.UK Travel Visa UK validity options & costs per person: Applicants can only stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months per 12 month cycle. Up to 6 months: UK consular fee R1913 Up to 2 years: UK consular fee R7290 Up to 5 years: UK consular fee R13230 Up to 10 years: UK consular fee R16583 Should you need assistance with your UK visitor visa application please feel fre... Read More

Need a UK visitor visa in South Africa?

If you are intending on visit the UK (this includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland UK visa and Scotland) for a short period of time, you will require a Visitor visa to enter the UK. Visa Box will guide you through your Londonvisa application step-by-step. Our services include completing your online application form, providing you with your tailor-made document requirement list, review and approval of all documents and forms prior to submission and booking your visa submission appointment at... Read More