Visa changes for South African nationals

All South African visitors to New Zealand will require visitor visas from 21 November 2016.   These changes are being made as a result of an increase in the number of South African nationals who have been refused entry at the New Zealand border in comparison to other visa waiver countries.   Currently, people from South Africa do not need to apply for a visitor visa before travelling to New Zealand, with genuine visitors being granted a visitor visa on arrival. As a result of the ch... Read More

Will I need a new British Passport due to Brexit?

You will have noticed that the top line on the front of the British passport says "European Union". Because the UK will remain a member of the EU for as long as it takes to negotiate the exit deal, such passports will be valid over that period - so there is no need to worry if you are travelling this summer, for example. After the UK leaves, there will presumably be new British passports that will no longer say "European Union" on them. Unfortunately there is lots of uncertainty at present bu... Read More

Australian Visa - Introduction of biometrics collection in South Africa

From Wednesday 8 June 2016, the current visa application lodgement process for applicants in South Africa applying for visas to Australia will change. All applicants, regardless of nationality, who are in South Africa at the time of making a visa application to enter Australia will be required to provide their biometrics along with their application, unless otherwise excluded or exempted from doing so under Australian Government policy. Those applicants exempted are detailed further below. Bi... Read More

Visa News: No Namibian business visa required for SA passport holders

South African passport holders no longer require a business visa prior to travelling to Namibia. But please note that if any work is to be conducted then a short term work visa must be obtained. The following is a list of possible reasons for visiting Namibia for holiday or tourism purposes and therefore do not require a visa:         Holiday/vacation         Visiting friends or relatives         Attending workshops (not as facilitator)         Attending meetings         Exploring business o... Read More